Siding & Gutters

Siding & Gutters Installation

When you’re starting a home improvement project for your roof, it’s a good idea to also take a look at your home’s siding. If the siding is more than 30 years old, a replacement siding installation could be a wise decision. Older materials, such as aluminum siding, may be costing you too much on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making updates to your home this year.

Reasons to Get New Siding and Gutters When Having Your Roof Replaced

When your home’s roof is being replaced, the structure is vulnerable to the elements. The same is true when you get new siding. Instead of having two separate occasions of vulnerability for your home’s exterior, getting both done at the same time lowers the risk of moisture or other damage. 

Combining a new roof and new siding also gives a big boost to your home’s energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. And of course, new gutters help ensure that your home’s foundation is protected from water damage by directing rainwater in the right way and preventing leaf buildup.

Benefits of Professional Siding Installation Compared to DIY

Hiring an experienced siding contractor is a wise decision. Improper siding installation puts your home at risk of water and pest damage. Professionals do the job efficiently, and they get it right the first time. Professional siding installers have the right tools for the job. They’re also skilled at finishing work, such as making sure the trim is aligned and ensuring the caulk is applied in a straight and smooth line. Our siding contractors also clean the job site when they’re finished.

Types of Siding We Install

If your home still has aluminum siding or has some other exterior material, such as wood shakes, it’s wise to know the types of replacement siding that are available. 

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for most homes. It’s available in a wide variety of colors. Vinyl siding is also affordable and easy to clean. You may also want to consider cement siding or cement fiber siding. As a mix of cement and wood, it offers resistance to termite and carpenter ant infestations, moisture, wet and dry rot and wind. It also has a high R-value, so it insulates your home and reduces unwanted air exchange with the outdoor environment.

If you’re already getting an estimate for roof replacement and your home could use new siding and gutters as well, talk to us about getting both projects done at the same time. We’ll let you know what your options are and give you an estimate. Call today