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Protect Your Commercial Building With Customized Roofing Solutions

As a commercial building owner, taking steps to protect the investment you’ve made in your structure is a savvy business decision. These days, there are more commercial roofing systems available than ever before from which to choose. 

Commercial industrial roofing is significantly different from traditional residential roofing, so taking care to select the best option for your installation is essential in maximizing this upgrade to your structure.

Commercial Roof Repairs or Roof Replacement?

If the roof on your commercial building in the Memphis, TN area has sustained damage from inclement weather or is in disrepair due to old age, you could be facing the decision of whether to make a roof repair or roof replacement. 

Commercial buildings with relatively minor damages and a newer roofing system may opt to make repairs. Roofing repairs can get completed in a timely and cost-effective manner to prevent more severe losses before they happen. 

Commercial buildings with severe damages or aged roofing systems could find that replacing the roof is more beneficial in protecting your structure in the years ahead.

Consulting with a commercial roofing contractor like ProStar can help you to decide which roofing solution is best for your building. 

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems Available

At ProStar Roofing & Home Improvements, we’re proud to offer a variety of roofing materials to commercial customers throughout the Memphis area. Types of components include:

  • Tar and Gravel – Tar and gravel commercial roofing is for use on flat roofs only. This type of roofing lasts an average of 15 to 25 years.
  • Modified Bitumen – Modified bitumen roofing is another asphalt-based commercial roofing system. This roofing material is ideal for buildings that feature a low-slope or flat roof. 
  • Metal Roofing – Metal roofing is a durable material that helps to protect your commercial building structure for as long as 50 years. Available in multiple colors and finishes, commercial building owners can keep their design simple or create a more visually appealing design.

New Commercial Construction Projects

In addition to providing commercial roofing repairs and replacements throughout Memphis, ProStar Roofing & Home Improvements is available to complete roofing installations on new building projects. 

Rely on Our Team of Experienced Roofing Professionals

At ProStar Roofing & Home Improvements, we understand the importance of choosing a roofing company you can trust to complete your project promptly and professionally. 

Our team is meticulous about every detail. From preparing surfaces to putting all the finishing touches in place, you can rest easy at night knowing your corporate building has the protection needed to weather any storm!

We are always happy to answer any questions you have about commercial roofing repair, replacement, or new roofing installations. Additionally, we offer free quotes on our services and will tailor a solution to your needs and budget. 

For more information on our commercial roofing contractor services, please contact us today!